Fluid mechanics and heat transfer in power engineering including

Development and Improvement of Numerical Methods of Calculation of Fluid Flow and/or Heat Transfer

Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flow and/or Heat Transfer in Power Equipment

Identification and Optimization of Fluid Flow and/or Heat Transfer in Power Equipment

Profiling of Flow Parts of Turbomachines

Energy saving technologies and environmental safety including

Development of Thermal Circuits and Improvement of Thermodynamic Characteristics of Power Equipment

Efficient Fuel Combustion

Renewable Energy Sources

Resource-Saving and Energy Efficient Technologies

Energy Storage

Environmental Safety Issues of Power Engineering

Hydrogen Technologies

Dynamics and strength of power equipment including

Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Mechanical Structures and Stress Analysis

Engineering Design

Materials Engineering

Nanotechnology and Microengineering

Methods and Technologies for Additive Manufacturing

Engine Technology

Aerospace Technology and Astronautics